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Do all the trip participants have to be listed on the application?

If so, can the participant names be changed once the trip is awarded?

Hi Hunter, 90 days ahead of your launch, you need to submit a list to the NPS of who's going to be on your trip, and submit payment of $100 per person. If you have folks who are not sure yet if they can go, you can submit a John/Jane Doe placeholder, but you have to pay the $100. If you don't fill that spot before your trip launches, you won't get your $100 back.

If you have someone tell you they are going, you pay the NPS, then they drop out, yes, you can switch names and add another person right up to your launch date at Lee's Ferry.

If you want to add an additional person to your trip, above the number of people you have paid for, you can do that between 90 and 60 days ahead of your launch, but it costs $200.

Hope this helps, yours, Tom