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I am honored to begin the discussion on trash & poop, although I have a specific interest/experience in groovers, grooving and groover systems. For many first time expedition members on any multi-day trip, river or otherwise, the notion of carrying out human waste is new and a bit difficult to wrap your mind around. Imagine 26,000 people pooping 14 times and just leaving it where it lays every year in the beautiful Grand Canyon. Now you know why we carry out solid waste out.

The process is called grooving and the receptacle is known as a "groover", a reference to the practice of using unimproved 20MM metal ammunition boxes to sit on while you did your business. The resulting grooves on your hinie sparked the name groover for the box. Related to the grooving scene is placement, hygiene, and courtesy.

Groover placement is best left to experienced expedition members with apprentice groover people watching and asking questions as to why the groover is located in any given spot. Proximity to the kitchen (downwind and not too close), the river, (for peeing purposes) {*note you never pee in the groover!}, and, to some the most important consideration, a beautiful and private spot from which the river reminds you of your place in the universe.

The systems are all variations on the same theme, which is pooping into a container, putting something on top of your deposit for odor management, and a process for securing full containers and preparing empty containers for use by the group. Hand washing after using the groover is 100% more important in this wilderness setting after using the groover because the consequences can be catastrophic for the entire group. THIS HAS HAPPENED!

Advanced groovermen (this term, like boatmen, is task specific, not related in any way to gender)can also tell who is having GI issues, hemorrhoids, and a whole host of other health related problems. The faint of heart need not aspire to this level of functionality.

Finally, all groover related items (properly cleaned every morning before the trip leaves camp for the day), go on the groover boat and hopefully are not mixed with any food products. Contrary to popular urban legend, full cans do not explode in desert temperatures. The final destination for all your collected waste is usually an RV center or dumping station with designated facilities for this specific purpose.

While the management of human waste is rarely sexy, when done well it is neither seen, heard ,or smelled. Done poorly, it can have a very negative impact on an otherwise magical trip. Pay attention to all the helpful information available on the subject. Good groovermen are worth their weight in.... er, gold.

TM: Cool! Most of the above has been incorporated on the page Solid waite management. Thanks!