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The National Park Service orientation has been split into its eleven chapters. These videos are available either in a higher quality download and watch or in a lower quality streaming video format.

These MPEG-4 video files lose the least in quality from the original DVD. They require the use of the Quicktime media player. Using DSL ethernet, the largest file (Location Restrictions) should take less then five minutes to download. You can begin watching a chapter while you are downloading another.

  1. Introduction (35 MB)
  2. Water Temperature and Flow Variations (27 MB)
  3. Low Impact Camping (24 MB)
  4. Personal Hygiene (18 MB)
  5. The Kitchen (11 MB)
  6. Food and Hydration (17 MB)
  7. Accidents (18 MB)
  8. Wildlife (20 MB)
  9. Location Restrictions (43 MB)
  10. Day Use Areas (29 MB)
  11. Diamond Creek to Lake Mead (8.8 MB)

These Flash videos are lower quality but can be viewed while they are being downloaded. Flash is available on almost all computers but if you do not have it or your version is out of date then you will be prompted to download the free Adobe Flash player.

  1. Introduction
  2. Water Temperature and Flow Variations
  3. Low Impact Camping
  4. Personal Hygiene
  5. The Kitchen
  6. Food and Hydration
  7. Accidents
  8. Wildlife
  9. Location Restrictions
  10. Day Use Areas
  11. Diamond Creek to Lake Mead