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The National Park Service orientation video has been split into its eleven chapters. These videos are available either as streaming video or as a download. The video files are currently being updated so you may notice some problems that should be fixed shortly.

You can get good quality streaming video with browsers that support the video tag. Currently this is working with the Firefox 3.5 browser. If your browser does not support the video tag then you will get lower quality Flash videos. Safari plays good quality video but has to download the entire file before starting to play it.

  1. Introduction
  2. Water Temperature and Flow Variations
  3. Low Impact Camping
  4. Personal Hygiene
  5. The Kitchen
  6. Food and Hydration
  7. Accidents
  8. Wildlife
  9. Location Restrictions
  10. Day Use Areas
  11. Diamond Creek to Lake Mead

If the streaming videos do not work for you then you can directly download the MPEG-4 video files. They require the use of the Quicktime media player. You can begin watching a chapter while you are downloading another.

  1. Introduction (24 MB)
  2. Water Temperature and Flow Variations (27 MB)
  3. Low Impact Camping (24 MB)
  4. Personal Hygiene (18 MB)
  5. The Kitchen (11 MB)
  6. Food and Hydration (17 MB)
  7. Accidents (18 MB)
  8. Wildlife (20 MB)
  9. Location Restrictions (43 MB)
  10. Day Use Areas (29 MB)
  11. Diamond Creek to Lake Mead (8.8 MB)

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