The Pre-Trip Planning

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The National Park Service Video

This chapter has downloads of the NPS noncommercial river video.

Who Is Going to Go?

This chapter includes info on trip participant selection, and the hazards inherent therein.

A Primer for New Boaters

This chapter outlines important information for those new to rafting or new to Grand Canyon.


This chapter has information about the expected weather.


This chapter includes info on suggestions for different types of watercraft, kayak safety, etc


This chapter includes info on winter and summer gear lists, first aid and repair kit contents, camera types and taking photos, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, footwear (winter and summer), sat-phones/ground to air/two-way radios/signal mirrors, river and hiking guides, chairs and chair management, personal snacks

The Kitchen

This chapter includes info on ice/iceless cooking, gear needed and how to pack it, cook crews including couples and re-assigning crews, kitchen set up and take down, stoves, how much propane

The Food Pack

This chapter includes info on food lists, coffee, perishable storage, cooler type and packing, lunch equipment, winter vs summer, time to prepare food on river, floating lunch, hiking lunch, drinks (hot/cold/alcohol), cooler ice maintenance

Cost Sharing

This chapter includes info on how to share the costs, what the costs are including food,/shuttle/ NPS, a damage deposit and post trip distribution of funds, NPS/Tribal/Rental fees

Trash and Poop

This chapter includes info on trash and solid waist management, day tripper, how to deal with trash including grease and a day trash container


This chapter includes info on planning, coordinating, staying in touch, helping with food pack,

Drinking Water Management

This chapter includes info on where to get water at Lee’s (Marble Canyon in the winter), Phantom, pumping, pumps, water jugs


This chapter includes info on where to camp, suggested itineraries, brief discussion of hiking options, popular hikes and camps