Lunch Logistics & Paradigms

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When to Eat?

It's helpful if each trip sets a framework for when to eat lunch before the start of the trip. This way, there’s no confusion on day one about when the group is going to stop for lunch.

Some groups will be very flexible about when to eat lunch. It'll happen somewhere sometime. This is fine, as long as all folks on the river trip have snacks available to keep energy levels and electrolytes up.

Other groups will stop sometime between 11:30AM and noon, no matter where they are, and make lunch. This ensures that folks who are hungry get fed. The thinking here is that energy and electrolyte levels stay up.

Either way, the lead boat should have an idea about when and where to stop for lunch. Anyone who passes the lead boat around noon without communicating with them might just pass up lunch. This is not a good idea.

What about a Siesta?

Some groups, especially in the summer heat, may take a 30 to 45 minute siesta after lunch to aid digestion, especially if there's some shade nearby.

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