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The Grand Canyon is a very dangerous place. Hiking, climbing and river running all have certain dangers and hazards accompanying them.

Such risks, dangers and hazards include but are in no way limited to drowning, not drinking enough water, drinking too much water, coming in contact with poisonous wildlife, falling, being caught in a flash flood, being hit by falling rock, being exposed to hazardous conditions during stream crossings, suffering from heat exhaustion, suffering from heat stroke, and being exposed to often rapidly changing weather conditions including lightning, snow, and flooding, any and all of which may cause death.

The authors, editors, and contributors to this WIKI can in no way ensure the safety of any information or recommendation in this WIKI. Travelers in Grand Canyon should always contact the Grand Canyon River Permits Office and the Grand Canyon Backcountry Office in Grand Canyon National Park for current conditions and suggestions before traveling in Grand Canyon National Park.

For the latest information on conditions in the park, contact:

Grand Canyon National Park River Permits Office (800) 959-9164 (520) 638-7843 P.O. Box 129 Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

This WIKI in no way intends to replace the skills necessary to safely travel on the Colorado River and through the backcountry in Grand Canyon National Park. Rapidly changing conditions in Grand Canyon will ensure the information in this WIKI will be out of date before the electrons on this page get organized. The information in this WIKI are suggestions. Readers of this WIKI are reminded there is no substitute for your own skill and understanding of route finding, climbing, cooking, packing, river rafting and exploring in Grand Canyon National Park.

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