Firepan Ground Cloth

This heavy-duty Firepan Ground ClothTM by Forest Safety Products is unparalleled for use as a ground cloth under an approved fire pan. Measuring 60” x 72”, it provides a generous zone of protection around even large firepans and fulfills the new ground cloth requirement on some rivers. These ground cloths are made of Fire-Sil™, a composite heat resistant fabric that withstands glowing embers that fall from the firepan (please replace embers and burning wood back into the fire as soon as possible). Used as intended, a Firepan Ground Cloth will give years of use, easing the chore of cleaning up around a firepan*. (Firepan not included.)

*Fires should not be built directly on this product, as prolonged exposure to live flames will degrade the fabric and shorten its lifetime, however in an emergency, a small, short duration fire could be built on 3-4 inches of sand mounded on top of the ground cloth.

Price: $80, will only be shipped to USA addresses only.