Grand Canyon Chasm

River Runners for Wilderness is featured in the July 2005 edition of Canoe and Kayak magazine. In the article titled "Grand Canyon Chasm, The Split Over The Colorado", Jo Johnson of RRFW and American Whitewater's Jason Robertson (Managing Director) defend their respective positions on the soon to be released Colorado River Management Plan.

The differing opinions came to light when 4 groups, including American Whitewater, Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association, Grand Canyon River Runners Association and Grand Canyon River Outfitters Trade Association released a "compromise" agreement that purports to end the disagreement over access issues in the Grand Canyon by endorsing the Park's Alternative H. In her counterpoint article, Jo Johnson says "Despite claims to the contrary, modified Alternative H fails to resolve the current and historical disparity between river paddlers and the park's river concessionaires" and points out that the 20-group Grand Canyon Wilderness Alliance and other important stakeholders disagree with the adoption of Alternative H.

Robertson counters, stating "we listened to the concerns of our members, the NPS, and Congress, which overwhelmingly feared that our relatively minor differences over river management would derail the planning process and lock down the broken status quo for decades."

"When paddlers who love wilderness rivers invest the money and time - and endure the red tape - for a once-in-a-lifetime river journey through Grand Canyon," Johnson maintains, "they shouldn't be subject to the overcrowded and heavily motorized environment, denied fair summertime access, and rushed through the off-season canyon in fewer allowed days."

It's clear from this article that the preferred alternative with modifications will do little to put the long standing contentious issues surrounding river running in Grand Canyon to rest.