Action Guide Released at Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park officials are now sending their newly released Action Guide to Preservation out to self-guided permitees. The 35 page color pocket guide covers such resource protection issues as leave-no-trace, minimizing campfire impacts, encouraging hiking on less fragile surfaces, and how to dispose of waste properly.

As part of the self-guided permit process, the permit holder must send the National Park Service all fees and names of trip participants 90 days in advance of launch. The Action Guide is now being sent to all trip participants listed on each application prior to trip launch.

River Runners for Wilderness and Grand Canyon Private Boater Association volunteers worked with Park personnel on the wording and photographs used in the Guide. “We whole-heartedly support this type of outreach by the Park Service” noted RRFW Co-Director Tom Martin.

The Action Guide to Preservation is online at the Park’s website and may be viewed here:

Grand Canyon National Park also sends a DVD film to all self-guided river trip permit holders, which also has a strong Resource Protection message. The film is available for viewing online at the River Runners for Wilderness Rafting Grand Canyon WIKI site here: