Carving and Cooking in the Grand Canyon

River Runners for Wilderness announces two great library additions to our store, a cookbook perfectly suited to staging meals for a Grand Canyon river trip, Gourmet Camping Cuisine: Menus for Rafting, Canoeing, Camping and RVers by Marilyn Machin.

While you're enjoying delicious dishes in camp, you may be wondering about the wondrous rocks and geological features of the glorious Grand Canyon. Have you read a little but been more confused than ever by the conflicting theories of how the Canyon was formed? Carving Grand Canyon: Evidence, Theories and Mystery, by geologist and long time Grand Canyon guide Wayne Ranney leads you through the fog and entertains you along the way.

In the cookbook, veteran river runner and avid cook Marilynn Machin offers in depth coverage of menus, and tips for buying, cooking, packing, and pre-trip and on-the beach preparation of 18 days of breakfasts, lunches and dinners for a group in her new cookbook Gourmet Camping Cuisine.

While the recipes and step-by-step instructions are specifically tailored to multi-day to multi-week raft trips, they are also great for general camping and even at home. Some menus take a bit of prep, many are simple and all are creative and delicious. They run the gamut from Dutch oven desserts to mix-and-serve and draw from Mexican, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine, both vegetarian and meat based.

The recipes and menus are written with an eye toward ice availability, grouped with fresh ingredients used first, phasing to frozen and finally to canned/dried dishes near trips' end. The book features extensive lists of what needs to be purchased and packed before the trip, tips for best ingredient selection and storage for river trips, Dutch oven temperature/size chart, a sample cook crew duty chart, cooking equipment list and complete recipe index.

Even seasoned food planners will find good tidbits of information and great new recipes.

Spiced up with river photos, rafting cartoons and yummy food photos, this cookbook comes spiral bound to lay flat, 234 recipes, softcover, 224 pages with color photos, 8"x10". $32.00, includes US shipping. Your purchase supports River Runners for Wilderness in the quest for fair access and full wilderness protection of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon and is guaranteed to improve your next trip's meals. See more and order at: Rafting Cookbook.

Carving Grand Canyon simply explains the mystery of how the ancestral Colorado River could have originally flowed in the opposite direction (and seemingly uphill), along with other famous theories. The book briefly describes the major geologic thinkers of our time, from Major Powell to today and their contributions to the evolving understanding of how the Canyon came to look the way it does today. The book features beautiful Grand Canyon photographs and artwork and is also illustrated with clear diagrams. Sized to fit neatly in an ammo can, this book is an engaging companion to our river map and other fine books. 160 pages, softcover, with many richly colored pages, 6"x9". $18.00, includes US shipping. To order, go to our online store: Carving Grand Canyon Book.

And because you asked for it, our popular Brewmug now sports our beautiful RRFW logo (hand wash safe.)

Check out these great books and the logo Brewmug, maps, t-shirts and other cool stuff in our store at and rest assured that every purchase or donation to RRFW works hard to win equitable river runner access and full wilderness protection for the incomparable Colorado River in Grand Canyon.