Comment On PWC Use in Glen Canyon NRA

January 2003. This is a second comment opportunity on proposed PWC use in Powell Reservoir.

The Bush Administration has proposed a rule which allows personal watercraft (PWC) operation on nearly all of Glen Canyon NRA. The ruling was published on January 17th. The administration made this decision despite the fact that the NPS' recent environmental review of PWC use at Glen Canyon found that the thrillcraft damage park resources and wildlife. Also, there is a disproportionate acreage of the NRA open to PWC use, which is simply unfair to the majority of visitors who come to the recreation area to enjoy more contemplative forms of recreation like swimming, hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and wildlife viewing. The ruling comes despite continued overwhelming comments against personal watercraft (Jetski(r)) use at the National Seashore and various Parks, including Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. PWC recreation causes significant damage to air and water quality, visitor enjoyment, public health and safety, natural soundscapes, and wildlife. At Cape Hatteras, PWC operation was the number one source of visitor complaints before the machines were finally banned there. In some instances, PWC activity and its proven threat to personal safety pushes other forms of recreation such as swimming or bird watching off a waterbody. This is discriminatory. If you feel a full ban on PWCs in Glen Canyon NRA is the only appropriate action, please send your comments to Kitty Roberts, Superintendent of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and tell her that you support protecting the irreplaceable resources and wildlife of Glen Canyon from personal watercraft. Letters should be sent to or to the address below.

Superintendent Kitty Roberts
Glen Canyon NRA
PWC Rule-Making
Box 1507
Page, Arizona 86040
RE: RIN 1024-AC90, Comments on Draft PWC Special Regulations

Had a close call or negative experience with PWCs after an otherwise idyllic Cataract Canyon trip? Include that in your letter to Supt. Roberts, along with other personal observations.