Diamond Creek Flashflood Delays River Runners

Summer monsoons caused flash flooding damage to the Diamond Creek road on Thursday August 30.

Road crew maintenance workers from the Hualapai Nation were unsuccessful in opening the dirt road that runs right down the creek bed on Friday.

The twenty-six mile Diamond Creek road makes multiple creek bed crossings on its way from Peach Springs, Arizona, to the Colorado River at the mouth of Diamond Creek.

For its final mile, the dirt road travels in the wash bed of the narrow Diamond Creek canyon.

80 people from four river trips were scheduled to take off the river at Diamond Creek on Friday. At least one of the river trips, after waiting into the early afternoon to see if the road would be opened, decided to travel on downstream to the next take out, an additional seventy-one miles downstream.

Hualapai maintenance workers hoped to have the road open today to four wheel drive vehicles.

River runners are advised not to plan tight schedules for returning home after a river trip if the trip includes a Diamond Creek take-out during the monsoon season.