Dory Remains Pinned in Dubendorff Rapid

On Wednesday, April 23rd, an 18 foot aluminum dory became pinned on a rock near the top of the right entrance to Deubendorff Rapid at mile 131.5 on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park.
After attempting a z-drag mechanical pull of the boat, the noncommercial group called the National Park Service for assistance. An NPS crew worked on the dory using two forty to one mechanical pulley systems Thursday, but the boat would not budge. The mechanical pulls were tried from different angles, and left in place throughout a water rise-fall cycle, but efforts to move the boat remained unsuccessful.
While the dory is not a hazard to river runners who take the traditional left to right run in the rapid, it may pose an obstacle to kayakers making a right run. At low water levels during the morning, the boat is plainly visible and easily avoided, and is completely submerged in the afternoon high water.
The group of non-commercial river runners had prior experience navigating the dory through Grand Canyon National Park.
National Park Service officials are considering at this time whether to continue with further salvage operations. Scouting of the rapid is recommended.
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