Grand Canyon Dreamin' with New Books

River Runners for Wilderness is pleased to offer two exceptional additions to our Grand Canyon library in time for holiday giving. River and Desert Plants of the Grand Canyon is a newly released, comprehensive field guide to the incredible flowering plants, bushes, trees, grasses and cacti of Grand Canyon. Flower identification is easy using thumbnail photos grouped by petal count within color group, that guides you to complete descriptions and larger plant photos.

It features 310 beautiful, full color photos of flowers, bushes and lovely plant vistas, 92 line drawings and an illustrated glossary of plant parts. Small enough to easily fit in your ammo can at 6" x 9", 260 pages. You will definitely appreciate the wide variety of botanical wonders in the ‘desert garden' that is Grand Canyon. Price is $25, including shipping, available right now for immediate delivery in our store at River & Desert Plants of Grand Canyon.

This great plant guide is a great complement to the soon-to-be released 3rd edition of Day Hikes from the River: a Guide to 100 Hikes from Camps on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park. Author Tom Martin has updated the popular guide with 8 pages of color photos, new restrictions from the adoption of the Colorado River Management plan, new cover photos and a sturdy sewn binding.

Detailed descriptions and topographical maps make this hiking guide a must-have for anyone wishing to explore the seldom-visited delights in Grand Canyon's backcountry as well as expanded explanations of the famous attractions. Sized for easy access from your ammo can, 5 ½" x 8 ½", 224 pages. Still priced at $25, including shipping. Pre-order at: Day Hikes in Grand Canyon for a late January delivery.

For a discounted price of $40 (save $10!), give the gift that delights twice, once now (River and Desert Plants of Grand Canyon) and again later (Day Hikes from the River, 3rd edition). RRFW pairs the Plants guide, shipped immediately, and Day Hikes for shipment later. This must-have duo will have you exploring delightful recesses of the magnificent Canyon and fully appreciating the astonishing variety of desert plant life along the way. Price includes shipping and a gift card enclosed with the Plants guide notifying your recipient of the Day Hikes delivery to follow. (Please note that the expected delivery of Day Hikes is subject to delay by the shipper.) Order at our online store at: Grand Canyon Dreamin Offer.

All purchases benefit the protection of Grand Canyon wilderness, and an additional, deductible donation does even more. Visit our online store at for other fine river goodies.

River Runners for Wilderness thanks our donors, customers and supporters and wishes all of you a joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with wonderful river adventures.