Grand Canyon Needs You

July 2002. As you are now aware, the dates and locations for public scoping meetings have been announced. Here are a few issues we hope you will care to write about:


The CRMP revision will specify who gets to go on Grand Canyon river trips in the future. A common argument voiced by river concessionaires is they need the lion's share of river trips to serve America. The majority of concessions trips serve the top 25% of America's income earners. Don't you deserve to go regardless of your ability to pay?


This year, as for each of the past 15 years, about 19,000 commercial passengers, 3,000 commercial crew, and 3,000 general public boaters will enjoy the Grand Canyon river experience. Motor-free wilderness management alternatives now under consideration by the National Park Service can increase visitation to the river while adding fairness in access not seen in over 30 years.


Since the Wilderness Act of 1964, river concessionaires have continued to use large, polluting outboard motorized tour boats in mockery of all wilderness areas in our national parks. Today, 3 out of 4 commercial passengers are only offered a 5 night glimpse of 2/3rds of the canyon. A motor-free Colorado River will allow more Americans to experience the entire canyon in 11 to 12 days, at the river's pace. Rowing trips of 6 to 8 days will allow a more intimate experience with part of the canyon.

Look for additional information about the issue and the process coming from River Runners for Wilderness. Please take a few minutes to consider the issues and get involved.

Grand Canyon needs your help to protect it from self-serving commercial interests.

Send comments or make them in person at one of the 4 scoping sessions. For more information on these sessions, visit

To comment by mail: CRMP Team, Grand Canyon National Park, PO Box 129, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023, or by email: