New Grand Canyon Forum Announced

River Runners for Wilderness is pleased to announce the formation of the Rafting_Grand_Canyon list server on Yahoogroups.

This discussion group was founded to provide you, the whitewater river runner, with a forum for Grand Canyon rafting in which you can express your uncensored views on any political issue or social aspect of river running. Naturally, because of our efforts, we encourage those views and discussions to be channeled toward areas either directly or indirectly pertaining to the Colorado River Watershed. However, we welcome discussions on any river related subject. We also welcome and encourage commercial, non-commercial, and governmental participation.

In addition, the group should be used by trip leaders to notify other trip leaders about trip exchange availability, permit holders that are looking for other people to join their group, or for people who are looking for a trip that they can join. In short this group is available for discussions on anything concerning river running from trip preparation, to what kinds of equipment people prefer, to how to set up the kitchen. There is no limit to how RRFW feels this group should be used.

To limit spam emails, all new subscribers will be automatically moderated until it is determined that they are legitimate subscribers. Other then spam email control, the group will not be moderated in order to ensure that you will be able to express your views and enter into any discussion pertaining to those views without censorship. However, the group will be monitored to ensure that subscribers maintain a decorum that follows the common sense rules of proper social behavior.

To subscribe, visit  and search for Rafting_Grand_Canyon following the links to the subscribe page. River Runners for Wilderness advocates for wilderness designation and equitable access within the river corridors of the Colorado River watershed.