New Grand Canyon Guidebooks Just Arrived

The new 3rd edition of the most popular Grand Canyon guidebook has just arrived and is ready for shipment. The Guide to the Colorado River in Grand Canyon: Lees Ferry to South Cove, written by boaters Tom Martin and Duwain Whitis has been updated with important new information. It features information from the 2007 Colorado River Management Plan, along with new mile markers being adopted by the National Park Service.

Campsites and rapid locations have been fine tuned, a few campsites were added and a few campsites that are now unsuitable were deleted. The new edition features many new photographs by noted Canyon photographer Bruce McElya and others.

The new mileage featured in this edition deviates from the old standard by up to a mile but not consistently, and was established by the Grand Canyon Research and Monitoring Center.

As before, the map features USGS topographic map backgrounds at their original scale with additional details in an easy-to-read format that “goes with the flow”, so the way you read it is the way you see it from the river. It is the only guide with maps extending to South Cove in Lake Mead and shows campsite locations, rapids, scout points, river miles and other points of interest.

The accompanying text describes all campsites in the Park’s inventory plus some extras, with campsite pull-in information, geological, botanical and historical points of interest with descriptions to help you find them. This guidebook is essential for anyone venturing down the river.

Maps are in color, text and photos are black and white. The guide is 8.5” x 14” spiral-bound to lay flat. The pages are printed on tough, waterproof and tear-resistant plastic paper.

It is priced the same as previously at $29, which includes US shipping (Canada $1 extra.)

Consider pairing with our other fine books for a complete library to maximize your enjoyment of the glorious Colorado River in Grand Canyon.

Check it out now in our store at or by heading directly to it at this link: Grand Canyon Guide.