New! The Ultimate Trip Coffee Solution

River Runners for Wilderness is pleased to provide the solution to the trip coffee quandary with the offer of an innovative, integrated coffee maker/mug combination in the space of the mug. Whip up a hot, terrific double mug of coffee in a hurry, then easily stow the filter. The Brewmug is lightweight, rugged plastic, convenient and easy to use.

Load the filter unit with 4 tablespoons of your favorite ground coffee (or tea leaves), perch on the special inset rim of the mug and fill with hot water.  Watch it quickly fill the plastic mug with brew tailored specifically for your taste though the steam vent/viewing port. Remove the filter and you’re ready to enjoy either with or without the top sipping lid.

The filter stows easily into the bottom of the mug with a bottom lid that snaps securely into place, ready for your next coffee break on raft trip, road trip or at work or home. This mug gets used every day and gets rave reviews from the all-volunteer RRFW staff.

Making your own custom coffee with our Brewmug is a bargain at $15 plus $5 shipping. Includes mug with top and bottom lids, filter unit, instructions, and handy 4 tablespoon plastic jar.

See photos at and order or call 303-443-1806. If you’re outfitting your whole crew, call or email us for quantity pricing.

Remember that your purchase helps fund our pursuit of fair access and full wilderness protection for the Colorado River in Grand Canyon through our lawsuit and outreach efforts. To purchase any of our products or donate, please see our store at