Package Delivery to Phantom Ranch Discontinued

Beginning April 15, 2013, packages and boxes addressed to river runners and others for delivery to the cantina at Phantom Ranch will no longer be accepted and will be returned to the sender. The new policy will not affect delivery of postcards and envelopes to the popular river runners "mailbox".


Mail and packages arriving at the South Rim post office box through the United States Postal Service, or more recently, Federal Express and UPS, have historically been transported to the bottom of the Grand Canyon by mules. The mule trains have been operated by various concession services on behalf of Grand Canyon National Park.


According to Denny Riesmeyer, Executive Director of Operations for Xanterra, the current concessionaire, fee-based duffel delivery of goods to the Boat Beach or Phantom Ranch will also continue to be offered. The service is limited in weight and size restrictions and availability. Arrangements can be made through Central Reservations or through the website at


The volume of mail for river passengers and guides has increased dramatically in recent years, burdening concession employees and causing storage problems, particularly for packages containing candy and foods attractive to pests. Xanterra will continue to provide the mail forwarding service of postcards and envelopes to river runners through the South Rim post office box free of charge (normal USPS postage still required).