Pipeline Language Stricken

October 2002. You did it! Good work!

Thanks for your help on killing the Grand Canyon pipeline deal of an otherwise acceptable--and unrelated--water settlement with the Zuni Tribe!

Title II was the offending section, and the state's Senator has stricken the pipeline language from this legislation. The Senate offices ask that folks cease calling.

Water law appears to prohibit Arizona water to be used for a Nevada power plant. Also, any water used in lower basin states must be drawn from below Lees Ferry, which is the dividing line.

While Senate staffers argue that the language doesn't actually authorize construction, it opens the door to a very bad idea, and why create the opportunity if the project should never be built in the Grand Canyon?

Stay tuned. Peabody and the Salt River Project are still trying to work out the water deal somehow to benefit the Mohave power plant and keep the Black Mesa mine open. Likely, this concept has not been killed, just delayed.