River Toilet Cleanout Now Available in Flagstaff

The Wildcat Hill Wastewater Treatment Facility in Flagstaff, Arizona is now accepting self guided river runners' solid waste from river toilets.

River Runners for Wilderness worked with the City of Flagstaff's Larry Lemke, Wastewater Treatment Manager, to arrange this service.

"Working with Larry, along with other Wildcat Hill and City of Flagstaff staff has been great" noted Tom Martin, Co-Director of River Runners for Wilderness (www.rrfw.org.) "This is a terrific service for do-it-yourself river runners traveling through Flagstaff who are looking for a place to clean out their river toilets."

Mr. Lemke would like river runners to know that anyone coming to the facility to dispose of the contents of river cans from self guided river trips must proceed to the Administrations building to complete the required paper work and pay the fee of $1.00 per river can.

City staff will provide brief instructions on the proper use of the facilities to those who require it.

"Our plant is staffed Monday through Friday from 7:00AM to 3:30PM only.  River runners must arrive in time to complete the cleaning of your cans and be off-site by 3:30PM" notes Lemke, who stressed that cleaning of river cans can not take place outside of these hours.

Wildcat Hill staff also wants river runners to know it is the user's responsibility to leave the area in a cleanand orderly fashion.

The plant is currently undergoing major construction, and river runners should be on the lookout for heavy equipment traffic at all times while on-site at the plant, and stay in the authorized area only.

River runners are encouraged to report any problems with the facility to plant staff immediately.

Wildcat Hill Wastewater Treatment Facility is located at 2800 N El Paso Flagstaff Road.  Due to construction at the Flagstaff Mall, the Facility is best approached from the Walnut Canyon Exit off Interstate 40. From I-40, travel north over the interstate to Route 66, then west on Route 66 2.5 miles to El Paso Flagstaff Drive. Turn north on El Paso Flagstaff Road and proceed 1/2 mile to Wildcat Hill.

The Facility may be approached from State Highway 89, but there is major construction occurring in this area during 2007. From Highway 89, head east on Railhead Avenue to Test Drive, then south on Test Drive to Route 66, then east on Route 66 to El Paso Flagstaff Road. Turn north on El Paso Flagstaff Road and proceed 1/2 mile to Wildcat Hill.