Scoping Summary Posted On Website

A summary of scoping comments received during the Colorado River Management Plan (CRMP) comment period has been posted on the Grand Canyon National Park's CRMP website at The 14 page CRMP/EIS Public Analysis Summary is available in Adobe and text formats and can be downloaded.

The Park received 13,770 submissions with a total of 55,165 individual comments through a variety of public outreach avenues, according to the June, 2003 issue of "Soundings", also newly posted on the website. Every comment was read, evaluated and categorized. The 2002 comments closely resemble those collected during the 1997 scoping period, with a few additional topics addressed.

Stakeholder representatives are again being assembled in Phoenix, Tuesday, June 24th and Wednesday, June 25th for additional consultation. The group will closely focus on two specific issues: the continued use of motors and allocation of use. Possible scenarios of these two issues will be created and critiqued for the benefit of the CRMP team.

The CRMP's draft alternatives are scheduled to be released in November, 2003. Comments will again be taken on those alternatives.