Thefts At Lees Ferry, AZ

Last week, thefts were reported at the boater's campsite at Lees Ferry, AZ, the put-in for rafting the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park. The thefts occurred on two separate days. Stolen were 4 backpacks in one incident and a cot in another, both apparently while the noncommercial groups were having dinner at nearby Marble Canyon Lodge.

Although 3 of the 4 backpacks were later recovered by the side of the put-in road, all valuables had been removed. According to NPS sources, no one suspicious was seen in the area around the time of the thefts.

The NPS notes that there had been only 2 thefts at Lees Ferry in the last 5 years until the two most recent incidents. Park sources suggest that river parties leave someone at the put-in campsite at all times, or leave for dinner in two separate groups. In instances when the entire party must attend the mandatory orientation lecture (trips are sometimes allowed to leave one member with recent experience behind to serve as a guard), all valuables should be taken along to the ranger's orientation trailer.