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Duwain Whitis and Tom Martin have teamed up again to write and design a new Arkansas Rivermap, Guide to the Arkansas River, Colorado. This guide covers the Arkansas River beginning at Hayden Meadows above Granite and covers the 115 miles of river from there to Cañon City. River sections include Pine Creek, Numbers, Fractions, Milk Run, Browns Canyon, Stone Bridge to Rincon, Rincon to Pinnacle Rock, Parkdale and Royal Gorge.


Tom Martin and Duwain Whitis have written and designed a new Canyonlands Rivermap, Guide to the Colorado and Green Rivers in the Canyonlands of Utah & Colorado. This guide covers the Colorado river begining with the beauty of Ruby Horsethief and the whitewater of Westwater canyons, all the way past the Moab Daily, through Meander Canyon to the confluence with the Green River. The guide also covers the Green River from Green River, Utah, through Labyrinth and Stillwater canyons to the confluence with the Colorado River. From there, these two rivers combine and head into Cataract Canyon.


Guide to the Green River in Desolation and Gray Canyons

This guidebook has the same format as our other popular river guides with text and photos on the left page and an accompanying topo map on the right.  The guidebook includes introductory text describing permit requirements, geology, history and archaeology, and desert life. With 39 terrific color photographs and 3 watercolor illustrations.

Guide to the Rogue River, Wild & Scenic River, Oregon, Galice to Foster Bar

by Duwain Whitis and Barbara Vinson

Another recent edition to the outstanding Rivermaps line of river running guidebooks, this full-color guide is overlaid on USGS topographical maps covering the Rogue River section of Galice to Foster Ba


Big Water Little Boats: Moulty Fulmer and the First Grand Canyon Dory on the Last of the Wild Colorado River


NEW! This will just take six months ... or so Otis "Dock" Marston thought in 1947 when he began to write a simple review of the earliest expeditions along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. He soon realized what had been previously written was woefully incorrect and incomplete.

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