Court Date Set for Grand Canyon Litigation

A court date has been set for Friday, October 26, 2007, in response to litigation filed in March 2006, by a coalition of groups challenging the Grand Canyon National Park Colorado River Management Plan. The hearing will be held in the courthouse at 401 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizonaat 2:00pm.

The court hearing will address the merits of the case, including Grand Canyon National Park's concessions use of motorized tour boats and helicopter exchanges that continue to destroy the river's wilderness character.

The case also contests the Park Service's commercialization of the river. At present, 14,385 concessions passengers travel with only 2,270 self guided river runners during the same summer season-a ratio of over 6 commercial guests to each do-it-yourself river runner.

RRFW strongly encourages all interested parties to attend this very important event.

If you are interested in attending this hearing, please e-mail Jo Johnson during the week of October 22 for any possible updates on final hearing time and place.

As required by the Court, legal replies were filed October 3, 2007, by the Department of Justice (the Defendant) and legal representatives for the interveners in the case, Grand Canyon River Outfitters Trade Association (GCROA) and the Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association (the Interveners).

The replies were in response to charges filed by four nonprofit organizations: River Runners for Wilderness, Rock the Earth, Wilderness Watch, and Living Rivers,the Plaintiffs in the case. Legal representation for the Plaintiffs is being provided by Julia Olson of Wild Earth Advocates and Matthew Bishop of the Western Environmental Law Center.

The replies by the Department of Justice, GCROA and at the GCPBA can be viewed at:

The case is being heard by David G. Campbell, U.S. district court judge for the District of Arizona.